Displaymode Resources

What is a Displaymode Exclusive and how can I get featured?

Displaymode Exclusives are photo shoots and/or other media projects created specifically for publishing here at ( displaymode.com ).  All of our exclusives are produced in-house by Displaymode Media.  If you think your talent, creativity and work fits within our publishing format and style please contact us if your interested in shooting with Displaymode.  You may also be interested in reviewing our Casting Notice area for other ongoing photo ops.


How can I submit work to one of your categories?

We accept articles & images from publications and fashion brands. If you think your work fits within the Displaymode content categories please send an email with the following information (please note we can not feature every submission):

The ideal size for image submissions is 800 pixels wide - 650 pixels wide (minimum) will also work as well.  Please be sure to convert all images for the web into RGB and no more than (10) images with any given submission.  Additionally, please always include the following team credits:

For Editorials

  • Photographer:
  • Publication Name (Date if Available):
  • Stylist:
  • Model:
  • Additional Team Credits (Hair, Makeup, etc)


For Lookbooks and/or Campaigns and Labels:

  • Season:
  • Photographer:
  • Stylist:
  • Model:

Additional Team Credits (Hair, Makeup, etc):
Please also include any press releases or inspiration for the collection if sending a lookbook.

Due to the amount of submissions, please allow 3-5 days for a response and remember to only submit in-season work, one to three months from the original publication date is the common rule. (e.g. If a story was published in February, you have until May to submit yours).