Shooting Swimwear with Malayla

What could be more fun than shooting a swimwear test with Malayla F. Whether you've always wanted a sophisticated vixen or not, this beauty knocks it out of the park...

Doused in subdued sunlight and enveloped in warm velvet air, Malayla lets her natural beauty flow freely in this photo gallery by Displaymode. Set under the pier, the muted colors and soft sunlight create a splendid backdrop to Malayla's fabulous brown form, dark skin, and tumble of curly brown hair. Loose, free, and totally unflappable, this ebony beauty is a true stunner.

For this shoot, photographer Marcus Tremble traveled to Santa Monica, driving a rented truck out. After parking their truck along a side road, they found a lovely and secluded spot, setting up the shoot as the sun was just beginning to drop behind the distant horizon. After the shoot was over, the pair headed out to dinner in one of the small region, soaking up the remote and mellow local culture.  Malayla loves to shop, and one of her favorite things about traveling is having the chance to peruse the local markets for knick-knacks, jewelry, clothes, and other intriguing items. For this photo gallery, Malayla decided to wear 2 new swimsuits and accessories that she had picked up while traveling.


Malayla looks simply stunning in the first feature portrait. Her naturally flowing hair is worn in a braid, creating a soft pattern of shadows across her face. Her full lips touched with just a bit of sparkly gloss, she looks entirely natural and at ease. Behind her, the tall pillars of the pier perfectly frame her torso.  Something about the soft sun and the sprayin the air made her feel particularly sultry. In the second photo, She has shed her pretty cover-up, and she is seated in a soft patch of sand, looking up at the camera with an imploring grace. Her soft stomach and tender bosom are touched with golden sunlight.

She shows off her fabulous body in the final feature portrait. Framed by shadowed scene, her skin’s softness is almost touchable. Lifting her hands to her head, this photo highlights Malayla’s curvaceous hips and soft, shapely abdomen. As smooth and voluptuous as a statue, Malayla looks perfectly beautiful and enormously seductive.

Photos © by: Marcus Tremble (Displaymode fashion modeling and entertainment Media - - All rights reserved.