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Lydia H.

“Lydia” is a steamy new addition to our model photo gallery featuring the irresistibly sexy redhead, Lydia H.. Shot within the close quarters of a my living room, the intimate environment gives wings to Lydia’s active imagination, inspiring her to strike a series of erotic and exhilarating poses. With her dewy skin and dreamy brown eyes, Lydia is a glittering gem of feminine beauty. Adorable Lydia has long been a Displaymode favorite. She was discovered by photographer Marcus Tremble almost four years ago and, since then, she has appeared in a range of tantalizing photo expose. A natural in front of the camera, this ginger-haired vixen loves to get creative in her photo shoots. From the beach to the shower to a romp in the garden, Lydia’s portfolio is one of the most varied at jaw-dropping. For “Lydia,” Marcus chose to capture Lydia within the intimate confines of a living room, with warm, stunning results. The bare walls and soft lighting work in perfect compliment to Lydia’s coloring, while the warmth of the air brings a bright liveliness to Inna’s tanned, but peaches-and-cream complexion. As Lydia twists and turns her curvaceous figure for the camera, her skin glistening while her big brown eyes shine with a provocative twinkle. Lydia looks romantic and gorgeous in the first feature photo, a classic portrait of the model that highlights her unique coloring and petite, curvaceous figure. Swinging her hip easily to one side, Lydia arches her back as she rests her hands on the couch & pillows. With a long gaze, she addresses the camera with her alluring self-assuredness. Notice the beautiful slope of her chin and neck as she turns her head to the camera. The next photos shows Lydia in highly provocative positions. Turning her backside to the camera and leaning her chest to the wall, she lifts her heels and spreads her legs, revealing a breathtaking length of her shapely legs and full bottom. Drawing her arms in front of her body and turning her head to face the camera, Lydia doesn’t shy away from the explicitness of her pose. Lydia looks deliciously sweet in the final feature photo. Shot at close range, this photo captures every detail of Lydia’s supple figure, from her soft stomach to her small, firm breasts. Beneath the warm studio lights, her curvaceous body glistens. She lifts a knee revealing every detail of the feminine form. In addition to the natural eroticism of Lydia’s sensuous pose, the model’s incredibly sensuous mouth also draws the attention, as she gently parts her full and glossy lips. She says she will be back to Displaymode Media, for more sessions, and we hope she does...

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Anita making a good 1st impression... Visiting from Romania

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