Skill Set for Marcus Tremble

Through my photography I try to highlight the models natural beauty, fashion, unique style and other attributes in memorable ways without crossing the line, or over-exciting. 

contact banner3My areas of focus are normally fashion, glamour and fitness, with a few alternative concepts sprinkled in the keep things fun and unique. Through the numerous presentations found here at ( my portfolio of work emphasizes both my technical photographic skill and a unique, evolving artistic perspective. I also provide local event coverage services, collaborate on and produce creative HD video projects in the aforementioned genre.

You’ll experience my knowledge of the technical elements of photography, including lighting, sharpness, color and composition, along with an awareness of some photographic trends. Yes, I do aspire towards and have a great respect for certain influences like: Lee McDowell (USA), Xavibes (FR), Seiichi Nomura (JP).

On a regular basis, I translate artistic visions into professional quality images and employ the superior interpersonal skills necessary to lead teams of stylists, make-up artists and other media production professionals.

My position as Director of Projects & Lead Photographer here at Displaymode Media requires:

  • Lighting and shooting on-figure photography of styled products on models in studio and on location using Canon DSLR Camera equipment, in addition to using other 3rd party lighting brands and natural-light manipulation gear
  • Knowing how to capture the functionality, features, benefits, and uniqueness of individual clothing and accessory products is an acquired art commonly used in my work as Lead Photographer
  • My broad range of experience enables me to consistently produce digital images that are within client and/or client company pre-established standards which can quickly be edited and made web-ready for deployment
  • I regularly work with a single, or teams of stylist(s) to ensure the delivered product is styled efficiently and correctly according to established standards & goals
  • The experience gained through 14+ years of work enables me to ensure a high level of consistent technical quality and aesthetics for all images created and distributed through Displaymode Media
  • I regularly manage media production project workflows that ensure completing production requirements according to specified schedules
  • I follow client company styling and shoot guides set into place to ensure catalog consistency where applicable
  • Manage exceptions to images for timely correction and partner with in-house retouching team(s)
  • Work closely with media project production staff for editorial concept execution and realization
  • Such projects require me to consistently ensure optimum photographic equipment functionality and the cleanliness of assigned studio environments


"As a professional and affordable industry resource, I take pride in the services we provide to our clients enabling them to promote and market themselves as fashion designers, models, actors, makeup artists, stylists, and entertainers." - Marcus Tremble ...

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