Model Showcase Anita D.

Model: Anita D. Showcase - photos by: Marcus Tremble (Displaymode fashion modeling and entertainment Media - - © All rights reserved.

Working with Anita D. was a professional experience I won't soon forget. She introduced me to how versatile talented local models can be, shattering the mold and resetting our perceptions of modeling talent. Featured in many Displaymode Media event videos, her mastery of runway choreography shows her haveing fun with fashion events as well. This photo-set shows her comfort with posing, statuesque form and special brand of beautiful.

A gorgeous, classic, African American beauty with perennial appeal, Anita has never been more lovely than in this photo set with her recent photo-shoot with artist, Marcus Tremble, Anita exudes a charming girlishness that easily comes through in this photographic celebration. At the same time, this collaboration with Marcus also draws out Anita’s more sophisticated and seductive nature, showing off the many sides to this model’s nuanced personality.

Anita is an accomplished model whose beautiful face and slender figure have catapulted her into a top position with Displaymode Media. When she isn’t in front of the camera, Anita is a highly spirited and active young woman, who enjoys motherhood, biking, and competitive sports. Her toned and athletic figure is testament to her active lifestyle. In fact, her good health and vigor seems to emanate from her body, radiating from her clean and flawless skin, as well as the sparkle in her lovely brown eyes.