Private Session with Lorena

She was exquisite ...

Cool, subtle, and chic, Lorena seduces the camera with a pucker of her pretty lips and a playful shake of her hair. In her newest photo gallery, “Private” this beautiful blonde wraps herself in various intimate sets… before sliding out of it. Lorena's golden flesh and curvaceous figure unfurl beneath folds of silky fabric.

Lorena has been modeling with Met since she was a teen, and she has an incredibly natural demeanor in front of the camera. She has worked with many of Met’s top photographers, and is always willing to try a new concept. When she isn’t working, Lorena loves to visit art galleries and museums, take photographs, and write in her journal. She also loves shopping and eating out with friends, chatting on the Internet, and traveling to big cities around the world.

There is something luxurious, shadowy, and sensuous about the gallery “Private.” For this photo set, Marcus invited Lorena to his own living room, where they drank a glass of wine and caught up on old times. While this pair have collaborated on many occasions in the past, they haven’t worked together in more than a year.

After shimmying out of her silky robe, Lorena shows off her figure in numerous classic poses. The second feature photo shows the model seated on the floor, her back stretched and her breasts gently squeezed between her arms. This portrait is well composed and beautiful, showing off Lorena's golden skin and long, curly hair. The muted lighting adds a truly alluring intimacy to this image.

Having rolled onto her back, Lorena bends her knees and spreads her ankles in a casually erotic pose. Drawing her knees together, Lorena emphasizes the lovely curves of her delicate feet and ankles, slender calves and thighs, and perfect heart-shaped bottom. Propping herself up on her elbows, Lorena stares smartly at the camera, her lids lowered and her golden hair cascading over her shoulder.