The Lacey Show

Introducing the Lacey Show

A bright white studio with hot pink furniture forms the simple backdrop for “The Lacey Debut” a simple new series that features the refined elegance of this lovely, full figured model, Lacey. No matter what the setting or circumstances, this beauty is always perfectly poised and professional. In this aesthetic series, our Displaymode Media photographer shows off Lacey’s special brand of beautiful & composure, confidence, jaw-dropping femininity and charm.

By day, Lacey is usually dressed in a silk blouse and jeans, her hair neatly arranged into a flirty pony tail. A very serious and determined young woman, she’s a fitness nut & workaholic with a tough university load and a part time job in food service. Few of her colleagues know that, when she has the opportunity, Lacey occasionally indulges in one of her favorite passions: erotic modeling. As Lacey’s studies often keep her too busy to model but we are always a welcome treat when she can.  At times, there can be no better way to capture the natural assets of a beautiful woman than through a simple studio setting. Less is more was definitely the dominant philosophy behind this photographers aesthetic choices in “The Lacey Debut.” To capture Lacey’s natural radiance, Marcus shoots this model in a simple studio setting, bathed in bright light and swathed in a simple pink robe and sexy two-piece bra & panty set.

Lacey looks tantalizing in the first few shots, which pictures her standing daintily before the camera, the pink silk robe pulled gently against her bosom. Through the soft silk fabric, the outline of her voluptuous, tight form is tantalizingly visible. Lacey’s pony tail, full pink lips and hazel eyes are super seductive.

Lacey’s gorgeous full-figure framed by pink silk robe soon transitions to reveal the lovely underwear set, as she sways her hips from side to side revealing the benefits of her fitness-based lifestyle flaunting a flat stomach. White light bathes Lacey’s whole form, emphasizing her feminine attributes. With her right hand, she gathers the pink silk allowing her sexy hips to show. Soon, the robe come off and she reveals the beautifully formed bottom she knows you’ve been waiting to experience … She looks sensuous and feminine.

Lacey is graceful and golden in this exclusive set from “Displaymode Media,” which ends picturing her laying on the on the hot pink bed of the studio space, her bottom perched atop a puddle of silk. Lifting and rolling her hips from side, to side, this set affords a tantalizing view of her beautiful hips tanned flesh. Engaging the camera with a look both playful and confident, this model Lacey is ravishing.