Lydia H - Sultry

Model:  Lydia H. - Sultry.   In this photo set a wild and carefree feeling permeates while viewing this “Sultry” project. This sensual, sultry photo gallery features the natural beauty and care-free nature of model, Lydia H. Enjoy the somber lit living room with this enchanting beauty moves gracefully from pose to pose.

 Dressed in sheer, laced lingrie, this beauty is girlishly seductive as she lowers her lithe figure onto the couch and begins to pose. She loves the couch and she was thrilled to pose for this enchanting gallery. Living near DTLA, Lydia loves to start each day with a short swim in her pool, and finish each evening with a walk around the park. In order to channel Lydia's natural affinities for nature, photographer Marcus Tremble decided to shoot “Lydia” at her own home, in the living room.

A natural beauty, Lydia feels most herself when she's wearing sensual garments. For this gallery, she dons an incredibly sheer, laced little thingy, which shows her bosom and tight figure, it does little to hide the curves of her figure. Her hair is lightly streaked and her tender tanned skin illuminated with sensual lighting. In one of the images, Lydia is seated on a couch, drenched in the somber lighting of the roomt. Her garment showing the precise curves of her slender figure, while, at the same time, her suggestive position excites the imagination. Placing a hand on her legs, she nods her head and allows her long locks to flow over her shoulders.

In another photo, she stands knee-deep in in the softness of the couch, turning her back to the camera. Her slender legs and bottom are dappled with glistening hints of sweat, her hair flowing gently over her shoulders. Turning her head to face the camera and lifting a knee, she is as sleek and poised as a dancer. Behind her, the blank walls a bright, saturated with the warm light, and colorful contrast to her lithe young figure.
It's astonishing how Lydia is able to position her body in a series of striking and erotic poses while perched atop the couch. The final feature photo drips with sensuality. Drawing profundity and passion from the warmly room, she opens her slender legs and crosses her arms in front of her body, gently squeezing her tender bosom. Her hands, placed before the soft skin of her inner thigh, draw the eye to her most intimate areas, as the model addresses the camera with a guileless expression...

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