Like a Diamond

Diamond, it must be admitted, is one of Displaymode's success stories. Discovered at a youthful age, she has many of published photos around the web in many series. Those who have been experienced her work since its inception have literally seen her mature before their very eyes.

She is a mature and well seasoned professional, worthy of more projects. She is still the picture of a perfect a young model. Her curly crop of hair, her slender toned figure with lovely legs make her stand out, she is so exquisite and desirable.

This series clearly shows her potential. Here you can see her in her truest element – city life – walking through downtown. Shes is truly stunning, and lovely to behold. The urge to be there with this beauty is almost overwhelming.

If you are a Diamond fan, this is a short series you must see. She’s never looked finer and more thought provoking. Enjoy the essence of Diamond...

Photos by: Marcus Tremble (Displaymode fashion modeling and entertainment Media - - © All rights reserved.