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Casting Calls

You acknowledge and agree that Displaymode Media (i) is not an employment agency, casting agent, talent agent, agency, manager, producer or a production company; (ii) does not procure, attempt to procure, get, gain, or retain employment, engagements, employment opportunities, auditions, jobs, bookings, castings, a talent agent or manager for you or its members; (iii) does not manage or direct the development of the careers, or represent, you or its members; and (iv) does not guarantee an employment opportunity, audition, any amount of income, jobs or employment from the use of its Site. Displaymode Media does not offer advice, managerial directions, or opinions in any casting job, engagement or audition and permits you to submit your information for casting calls through the Displaymode Media services.

Displaymode Media members may be required to pay a one-time, nonrefundable processing fee (except as permitted in this Terms of Use) to use the submission service. You acknowledge that the fee is a processing fee for your submission and is not a fee for procuring or attempting to procure an employment opportunity, audition or engagement. You hereby consent to the submission of your profile and providing access to your Member Content (defined below) in connection with the submission through the Displaymode Media services. The information included in the casting call is provided by the applicable casting director and Displaymode Media is not involved in the decision making process with respect to the casting, audition and/or engagement for services.

You further acknowledge and agree that Displaymode Media, in its sole discretion, may remove casting calls that are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, objectionable, contain errors or omissions, or violate these Terms of Use or the Rules in any other manner. Fees paid for listing a casting call are non-refundable. You further acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to a refund of any kind if your casting call is removed for violating these Terms of Use or the Rules in any manner.